Big things are happening in my life, I will start working on a new company next Monday. With that news came another news: I'll have to use a Mac. There are two main reasons for that “imposition”, a unified team dev environment and the use of Skype for team communications. As all linux users know, Skype is a pain in the ass on linux, zero support.

As a linux user, more specifically Manjaro(based on Arch), I always said: “I'll never use a Mac”. This statement is due mainly to the expensive and poorly hardware compared to other PCs.  So, here I am, a week after start using Mac to tell you how it is being.

First thing, getting used to the keyboard. What a real pain.

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Where are the brackets??? Shift-Option-8? Three keys for a thing that I use a hundred times a day? For all the rest, I know, it just habit. Learn how to use cmd key. Discover all shortcuts. I’m still feel like an idiot looking to the keyboard.

The lack of a package manager like pacman and yaourt. Who already use the AUR repository must know my pain, it has everything, and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I don't even remember of download a package manually from the web. Most of you will say, use Homebrew! Yes, in fact I'm using it, but it isn't the same, not even close.

Another thing that annoys me is the Window Switcher.  Cmd-TAB switch through running applications, but not switch through windows of each application. Luckily there is HyperSwitch, it solve that problem.

The default terminal sucks, in Linux I use Terminator, iTerm2 is a replacement for terminal and can do almost the same that Terminator does.

Now, the good things. As an Android developer, using the Android Studio is almost the same, fortunately no difficulties developing for Android. The design, I have to say it, the macbook pro 13 is simply beautiful. The battery, woow ten hours??? No heating issues on normal use. And last, such a great sound for a tiny laptop.

This is just my thoughts about my first week on the apple world. I must have said some nonsenses. Feel free to correct me and give me some advises. Thanks God that wasn't Windows.

Frederico Silva

Software Engineer

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