As a Portuguese I had problems with subtitles encoding, with some research I find a solution (all credits to Amit Bh)

All we have to do is clone the popcorn repo, edit one file and make a build.

Step 1:

git clone

Step 2:

Edit src/app/lib/subtitle/generic.js and replace this line:

fs.writeFile(vtt, captions.vtt.generate(, encoding, function (err)...

with this:

fs.writeFile(vtt, captions.vtt.generate(, 'utf8', function (err) ...

Step 3:

To make a build with this fix just run: ./

Step 4:

If all went well you’ll be able to run Popcorn:

I’m also providing a build with this fix already made, enjoy 🙂

Note that this is only for linux, if someone is interested in a windows executable please contact me.

Frederico Silva

Software Engineer

fredericojssilva fredericojss